Friday, 18 February 2011

Little Baby Wu

Three little days that weren't long enough
A bright, shinning sun before the rain clouds came to stay
Big eyes and beautiful face, they remain always in our hearts
Precious memories to remember forever and ever.

Tiny and perfect, a miracle in your arms
A splash of vibrant colour before the lights turned out
Joyous love and breaking hearts, a baby loved by many.

Gone but not forgotten
Gone but not forever
We'll see you again,
Little Baby Wu

A week ago today, one of my closest friends lost her baby to S.I.D.S. He was three days old. If you could spare a moment, please look at his memorial site Look at the pictures and get to know Angus, whose time on this earth was far too brief. The family are donating all money contributions to The Scottish Cot Death Trust and every penny counts. They would be so grateful could take the time to visit the site and contribute.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Angus's parents, Heidi and Andy.


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