Thursday, 30 June 2011

Book Review: POD ARC

ISBN 9781848773899  |  paperback  |  £8.99
304pp  |  216 x 135mm

I was fortunate enough to receive an arc of POD from Templar publishing. 

POD was an intense, roller-coaster ride of emotions and action.

The story splits between twelve-year-old Megs "Pirate" in Los Angeles and fifteen-year-old Josh in Washington. We follow the lives of the two as they cope with the sudden invasion of 'Pods' that take over their country. The morning of their arrival, anyone unlucky enough to be outside on the street disappears. Josh was inside his house with his father and dog, Dutch. Megs was alone in a parked car in a hotel parking garage.

The tension rises with every chapter, reaching new, unbearable heights. There were few chances to catch your breath with this book; and I savoured them when they did appear. Humanity is tested during the invasion, bringing people to their absolute worst and their absolute best. There is something for everyone in this book – younger readers can relate to Megs or to Josh and adults can equally enjoy this thrilling story.

I thought the book was very well written and easy to read - relaxed language from the pair leading us through the story at odds with the horror they were witnessing and how they try to find a little patch of normal in their topsy-turvy world.

As their situations worsen, Megs and Josh will bring many a tear to your eye. Your heart will be in your mouth at the danger, experience a rush of pride as they overcome unbelievable challenges and the small comforts that calm them as the fear closes in.

Heroes are found in the strangest of places, and this could not be truer than in POD. Some are the big, grand sort – others are the unsung sacrifices made because of the simple reason that you love someone.

POD makes it all too apparent how much we take for granted. Water, medicine…kindness.

And the question really does beg to be asked - what would YOU do to survive?

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