Friday, 18 February 2011

Little Baby Wu

Three little days that weren't long enough
A bright, shinning sun before the rain clouds came to stay
Big eyes and beautiful face, they remain always in our hearts
Precious memories to remember forever and ever.

Tiny and perfect, a miracle in your arms
A splash of vibrant colour before the lights turned out
Joyous love and breaking hearts, a baby loved by many.

Gone but not forgotten
Gone but not forever
We'll see you again,
Little Baby Wu

A week ago today, one of my closest friends lost her baby to S.I.D.S. He was three days old. If you could spare a moment, please look at his memorial site Look at the pictures and get to know Angus, whose time on this earth was far too brief. The family are donating all money contributions to The Scottish Cot Death Trust and every penny counts. They would be so grateful could take the time to visit the site and contribute.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Angus's parents, Heidi and Andy.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Scrooge of Valentine's.

Despite what some may think, there is a reason this post is a day late. In fact, isn't at all late. It's right on time. 

There are a lot of things I loathe about Valentine's Day, the merchandise for one, but the worst thing about the day is pressure.

All over the world, people stress about the perfect Valentine's gift - the perfect way to say those three little words that will make someone's day.

When I met my husband, he thought it was some kind of female trickery when I told him my anti-romantic views on the holiday. Considering the way a lot of women operate, I can see why he was worried. Only when I didn't commit a crime of passion when he arrived home empty handed on February 14th the first year we were together convinced him I was telling the truth.

I know what you're all thinking - that I must have had bad experience. A terrible boyfriend. Cruel school friends. Years of bitter spinsterhood. None of these are true. I just don't like what Valentine's Day represents. 

What I find most disturbing is the lengths people go to. The money they spend. And for what? To prove their love? I believe that should be shown all year round, not on one simple day when the calendar dictates it or because someone says they should. It shouldn't take a card shop cramming it down your throat to want to do something nice for your significant other.

My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. I'm not a romantic and he is. We don't waste money on cards that says what we both already know. Besides, I never read the printed message in cards - I go straight for what the person themselves has written. 

I can appreciate that some people have bucket loads of affection in their hearts and are overjoyed to express it on Valentine's Day. But here's a thought - wouldn't it be better, even more romantic, to have a day that belongs to just the two of you rather than every other person on the planet? I would appreciate an out-of-the-blue surprise way more than a here's-one-of-the-thousand-things-they-hand-in-the-shop surprises.

Bah Humbug, Valentine's Day!


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Book Review: The Nearly-weds

What's the worst thing that could happen to a blushing bride? To somebody warm, loving, and fun - like Zoe Moore? After Zoe is jilted by her fiance Jason, she's unable to face the pitying looks of her friends and family. Fleeing to America, she is employed as a nanny by moody, difficult, but devastatingly sexy single dad Ryan.  

The Nearly-weds is the second book of Jane Costello's that I have both read and fallen in love with.

After you have read one book, there is always a fear when you read another by the same author that it won't be as good. Nothing could be further from the truth in this case. While the writing style is clearly the same, with cheeky charm and a flirty feel, the characters and settings are very much part of their own world.

I adored the character of Zoe and how she adapted to her new life in the States while trying to get over her ex. (Can I just mention here how glad I am that I didn't read this book before my own wedding? Might have given me a very bad case of the jitters!)

What I particularly liked was how Zoe's back story regarding the ex wasn't done in a oner, clobbering me over the head with details. Instead it was spaced out, allowing me to find out little bits at a time. It was interesting to see Zoe's story moving forward and while also peeking back over her shoulder to see what made her change her life.

As for the leading man...well, let's just say one thing, shall we? Swoon....

Zoe and her band of nanny friends are completely charming and I dare anyone not to wish that Trudie was a real-life friend of theirs. And the kids? Written to comic perfection with a slab of absolute truth.

The book will have you cackling with laughter (I personally lost it over the arrow), drooling with the romance and sexual tension and screaming advice to Zoe.

The Nearly-weds was another complete success for me and I cannot wait till April for Girl on the Run!


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

The Dawn of Wench Writers

I am very excited to announce the launch of a very cool new blog. Me and a few friends got together to form a band of merry writers. We wanted to share our experiences, tips we have picked up along the way and most of all, talk about writing.

What I particularly love about the blog is the obviousness of our different personalities. Each of us are at different points in our writing, lead different lives and live in different countries. We feel there is something to offer everyone and couldn't be more happy to share it with you all. 

In the future there will be book reviews, industry interviews and much more.  Remember to keep checking in at the Lounge and the Bench for works by the Wenches.

We are hosting a launch party on Sunday 13th February at 2pm EST. Drop by and meet the Wenches, enter the giveaway and explore our blog. 

So spread the love if you feel like it (we'd love it if you did) and remember to stop by the launch party! 


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Deadline - Good Idea or Sudden Death?

Okay, it's official. I really must have gypsy blood in me. 

I'm preparing for my fifth move in three years. Sound a lot? It isn't to me.  I've lived on my own since I was sixteen. When I say alone, I mean out of my parent's house. (Room-in-a-house sucks FYI) Before I met my husband I moved house twelve times. In less than ten years I've lived in seventeen houses. That sounds excessive.

And here I am about to do it again. And I'm not going to say this is it - no more moving for years. My little boy is two and has lived in three different houses so far - shortly about to be in number four. Every move Hubs and I have made I've said this is it - no more moving for ages and ages and ages. And six months to a year down the line we move again. So this time I'm saying nothing.

I thought it would be fun to set myself a little challenge. If things go to plan, we will be moving in four to five weeks. I'm working on a manuscript I was determined to finish the first draft of when we moved the last time, seven months ago. It is only recently I've started working on it again. So this time, I'm determined to get it presentable and whole by the time we move again. And trust me, there is a lot of work involved with this one.

In a lot of ways, it is my most simplest of ideas...simplest of books. But as is easy reading, there is damn hard writing behind it. There is a lot of research involved - including planning a massive cross-country road trip. Never fear, Road Trip USA is here! Well, it will be once Amazon delivers it, anyway. 

So...anyone want to spur me on? Shout encouragement from the sidelines? Please? I could use it! Honest!

Tell you what - I will  do it. I will finish. I'm determined, after all. 

Plus it will give me something to do whilst putting off packing. 

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