Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Surprising Email

So, I got an interesting email last week.  From a producer at the BBC.  At first I thought it was a windup - he said he had read my blog and liked my writing style, and wanted me to take part on a feature he produces on Radio Cumbria.  I was to keep a diary for five days and then either go down to the station and record it, or he could get someone else to voice it for me.  Totally took him up on the offer for someone else to do it - I'm a writer!  I like the shadows, not the spotlight.  If I did I wouldn't spend half my time by myself with a computer for company, right?

Anyhoo, it was really fun.  I mean, when I said yes I didn't really think about what I was going to write about, and by day two I kinda panicked.  I don't lead the most interesting life.  My day tends to consist of wake up, get toddler up, watch as my living room resembles aftermath of tornado, lunch, nap, possibly a walk, dinner, write if my brain isn't too frazzled, coma-like sleep.  So why the hell would anyone want to hear about that?

But as I started writing the diary, I realised it gave me a chance to say how I saw the world, how its the little things in your day that make things worth writing about.  Once I knew what direction to take the diary in, it sailed by and I wished it had lasted longer than five days.  Maybe it will encourage me to visit my blog more, and see if I can up my followers a bit :)

I never really thought my blog got much traffic.  I've made some friends in some online communities and its thanks to them I have any followers at all.  But just because you don't have hundreds of followers, or are a featured blogger over at 20sb, doesn't mean the right kind of people won't ever see what you have to say.  So my parting words are these:  treat your blog like an audition.  Stay true to yourself and never lose your 'voice', but never forget, you never know who might find you.


Kristi 21 January 2010 at 13:10  

Love this post! And congrats on the BBC gig...sounds pretty cool!

teeny104 21 January 2010 at 14:34  

Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do and the producer said he would send me a copy of the finished thing so I could hear how it turned out. Wonder how 'I' sound lol.

Glad you liked it!

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