Sunday, 24 January 2010


So I decided to give my blog a facelift, and since I was mucking around with everything and pretty much changing the whole damn thing, I figured I should get a new header.

But I couldn't find one that felt just right, that felt like me.  And since the blog is called All About Me (not in a pretentious way, more like all the little bits about me that make me who I am - like writing, reading, being a wife and mother, the way I miss my family and friends...anyway, you get the point.) I needed a header that felt right.  In the end I gave up.  And got my husband to make me one.  I'm not stupid when it comes to computers, but he is a bit of genius when it comes to them, so it was breeze for him to whip me up one.  (He also did the layout for me lol)

So what you see is a few of my favourite books, and trust me, it is only a few.  I wish I could put all my favourites up, but space is kinda limited.

The husband deserves a nice big thank you for his hard work (he isn't really speaking to me - I kept coming up with new ideas and bugging the shit out of him!) and if you want to check out his website, this is it here and you can find him on twitter here


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