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Book Review: The Ruby Kiss by Helen Scott Taylor

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  • Publisher: Dorchester Publishing (3 Nov 2011)
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  • Language English
  • ASIN: B0067MDC8W
Nightshade hungers to bring the strong and beautiful to their knees beneath the ecstasy of his bite, but he has never known sexual lust—not until he meets Ruby McDonald, the curvy redhead who wields attitude and strength like an ax, and who would be the perfect mother of his children. Caught in a clash between the Seelie and Unseelie courts, he vows not only her survival but also to win her heart.

Plagued by magic inherited from a father she never knew, Ruby wants answers. Nightshade has them. And when he crashes into her bedroom late one night, the fairy’s silvery eyes, dark intensity, and striking black wings tempt her with a whole lot more: a mysterious world waiting to be explored, a dangerous love that binds her in body, mind, and spirit…and the children she thought she could never have. Ahead looms a choice between freedom and a power some would kill to possess. Should she deny her desires, or succumb to the seduction of… THE RUBY KISS

When Nightshade crashes, literally, into Ruby’s life, nothing will ever be the same. On his way to guarantee his little brother’s safety, Nightshade plummets through Ruby’s skylight, thanks to a bird getting in his way.

At first Ruby is terrified of the huge male crash-landing on her bed. But even as his black as night wings unfurl and she takes in the enormity of his presence…and muscles…she knows both that he is nothing like anything she has ever encountered before…and also that he would never hurt her. Nightshade reveals that he is a fairy, one with bloodlust and the vampire bite. And he would very much like to bite Ruby.

Nightshade has never felt the strong pulls of sexual need, yet Ruby and her curves is stirring up the lust inside him. To Nightshade, mating is merely the means to making a child. To Ruby, it is something she can never have. But she’s more than willing to introduce Nightshade to the pleasures of recreational sex.

As Ruby is drawn into Nightshade’s world, it becomes clear there is more to her than meets the eye. She is more a part of his world than she could ever have imagined…and her dormant power could change her life forever.

As much as I wanted, I just couldn’t get into Ruby’s story. The promise was there, but it wasn’t a story I could sink into. Her romance with Nightshade, whilst often full of heavy pangs and loaded glances, then flat out hotness, it just wasn’t believable, and often felt selfish. Secondary characters and plots tripped the story up and made it feel stilted.

I found my attention wandering whilst reading, which says a lot about what I’m reading. It would be suited for fantasy romance fans, but for me, it fell a little flat. 


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