Sunday, 10 October 2010

Playing It Safe?

The first book I ever wrote is a monster. Sitting currently at 500+ pages, it feels like a mountain to try and edit. It's a historical romance set during the second World War. I haven't made it easy for myself, having to do so much research for this time in history. But despite all the work it needs and all the other books I have written since this one, I'm still completely besotted with it. I love it above all my other books. Maybe because it is my first...who knows. 

A year and a half after finishing the book, I'm only now going back to it. It needs a major face lift and many plot developments tweaked, but it doesn't put me off. A lot more research needs to be done and more references to the time period. 

During a particularly long editing session earlier today, I fleetingly wished my story was easier. Wished it was something I knew absolutely everything about and therefore was an absolute dodle to write. It made me wonder how many other writers feel like this at some point? Wish they had taken an easier road with their manuscripts.

I have a few more other historical novel ideas and the idea to start the research needed is daunting, but not off-putting.

So let me ask you this - when you get a killer idea for a book, how many of you are put off by the scale of the project? 

A part of me, probably the masochistic part, likes the challenge. The more hard work you put in, the bigger the achievement when you finish. 

There is a huge difference between having a moan at how much work is involved and actually deserting an idea because it might be difficult. Does anyone actually take the easy way out? How many of us play it safe rather than accept the challenge?


Ness 11 October 2010 at 12:29  

For sure there are times when the scale of the project is overwhelming. Some projects are easier to let go of than others. The ones that stay with me are the ones I know are worth the investment (and pain LOL!)

Nic 25 October 2010 at 12:49  

I rarely take the easy way out. (Of anything!) LOL ;)

I love a challenge. If I find the story developing in my head interesting, and I've fallen in love with the characters, I'll do all and any research needed. It's fun, and I learn so much that way.

As a friend of mine often says - Go big, or go home! ;)

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