Saturday, 10 October 2009

Rejection, rejection, rejection

Well, it's happened. I got my first rejection letter.  

Exactly two weeks ago I sent off my crisp submission packet to the agent of my dreams. We all have that list don't we. We trawl through the Writers Yearbook looking through all the tasty agents on offer, and compile lists on who likes what, who our absolute fantasy agent is, and what they like in a submission. Normally this list is made sometime during either writers block, editing, or when we are just plain procrastinating! For me it as editing. Don't ask. I can't stand to even hear that word sometimes.  

Okay, so back to my topic at hand. Maybe I ought to say it wasn't even a letter, it was an email. What I do really like though (and I'm hoping/wishing/praying I don't sound like one of those 'yeah, but they didn't want it, but they said this, this and this!) was that it was a very personal email and gave loads of sound advice. She said that while it was very readable, and another person at the agency thought so too, it just wasn't 'big' enough for them. (We are talking about like the no. 1 agency in the country, so you know, can somehow bring myself to understand!) There were a few other points where I could amend and if I wished, I was to resubmit to her in the future and to address it personally to her. Yeah, was fairly chuffed about that! Because for all the reasons why it wasn't picked up, I love the fact that I didn't just get a bog-standard rejection letter, which lets face it, is all we normally get.  

So what's the plan for me now? Editing and amendments and....resubmission!


radiogael 23 November 2009 at 08:08  

Hey there, I totally know how you feel. I'm waiting for my reject slip from a production Co. about a script I submitted. Apparently it's 'character building'. *Weep*

Haha, onward and upward though eh?

teeny104 5 December 2009 at 07:57  

yup - only other option is to quit, and that ain't happening!

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