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Book Review: Screaming Snowflakes by Amber Tesia

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With an unprecedented alliance between a human and the epitome of darkness can a pure, forbidden love conquer all?
Fresh from a break-up the thoughtful and witty Eleanor moves half-way across the country to study at a London university. Staying in her recently deceased great great grandmother’s house, Eleanor knows there is more to the crumbling property when she discovers a mysterious locked room. A century old tragic secret risks being unearthed by Eleanor, who reluctantly settles into her new surroundings.
The last thing Eleanor wants is to be distracted by boys and she is initially dismissive of Raphael, an enigmatic loner with no real friends or family. Forced to work together, she discovers Raphael to be a pensive, compassionate and intriguing friend. Their friendship is pushed to the limit when Raphael divulges his terrible unworldly secret.
Eleanor is the antithesis of the rebellious Raphael, whose damned and tainted soul threatens her very existence. Unseen supernatural forces conspire to keep the lovers apart, yet nothing can harm Eleanor as she remains under Raphael’s protection. As the boundaries of good and evil become blurred and transgression becomes inevitable, this gripping, thought provoking tale will engage all who have ever questioned love and humanity.

Screaming Snowflakes follows Eleanor as she embarks on a new journey in her life. After moving to London for university, she has to get used to not only a new city, but starting her courses and making new friends. She falls in with a new crowd and she soon enjoys a fun social life.

Then she meets Raphael. After a rocky start to their friendship, Eleanor and Raphael quickly become great friends. They are often found studying together at their homes or eating out in delicious restaurants. Eleanor adores his friendship and always looks forward to the time they spend together.

She knows Raphael is hiding something from her, something important about who he is. But Raphael is scared to let her in and show her his true nature…in case she should run screaming in the other direction.

Eleanor being the open minded person that she is, accepts Raphael as he is – even though he threatens her very existence.

I really liked the lovers’ interactions and watching them slowly fall for each other. The premise was an interesting on, and even though this is a subject that a lot of people would say has been beaten to death, the story was fresh and original and had intriguing characters to keep things moving along.

The only negative thing I would say about the story, is that a lot of it could have been cut down. A little ‘fat trim’ with unnecessary information would have helped the story move along a lot quicker, giving it a faster pace. That said, I enjoyed this read, and would recommend it to friends. 


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