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Book Review: Stone Cold Seduction ARC

When a regular night of Robin Hood-ery results in the manifestation of some, um, unusual paranormal abilities, perfume-maker Elleodora Fredricks realizes the normal world she lives in isn’t quite… normal. And neither is she, thanks to her father, king of the shadow elves. Not only is he evil incarnate and the reason Elle moonlights as a burglar—someone has to take care of all his victims—he’s stolen her memories.

And only reading her fate can fix that.

Good thing she’s got a trio of hotties willing to help her find said fate, but only if she gives them something in return. Saving her oracle BFF’s fiance, falling in love with the gargoyle, and making up for breaking the phoenix’s heart ought to be a piece of cake for the princess of the shadow elves.

If only the king didn’t want his daughter dead…

Ahh, Stone Cold Seduction…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Well, you may have guessed. I have fallen head-over-heels, madly in love with this book. From the opening page, I knew it would ensnare me and hold me captive. And that it did.

Elle Fredricks is a small business owner. She has a shop where she invents and sells hand-made fresh cosmetics, soaps, lotions and bath bombs and the like. Elle’s life is a happy one, especially when she is coming up with new concoctions to sell. She also breaks into her hated father’s buildings and steals valuable gems and antiques.

Elle likes to think of herself as a modern-day, female Robin Hood. Her father is, to say the least, not a nice man whose not-niceness spreads far and wide. Elle sells the things she steals to give the money to people who have been affected by his very not-niceness.

One evening, as she is tottering along a thin ledge having just stolen a few gems from her father, Jax, Elle’s newest employee, appears at the scene. Jax’s appearance is a both pleasure and a confusion. It sets in motion a flurry of events that, if asked honestly, Elle would say she could have done without. Except the Jax part. That part she likes. Ahem, a lot.

Her best friend, Teryl, along with Jax, explain that she isn’t who she thought she was. And neither was her father. He just happens to be the King of the Shadow Elves, and she his heir.

Elle’s life is thrown for a loop, and it was refreshing to see a heroine flounder for a while. It gets pretty unrealistic when a woman’s life has been turned upside down and she accepts with style and good grace. Elle was definitely my kind of gal.

The cast of characters was superb (uh, I am SO Team Maclean, FYI). While Elle is struggling with a new identity crisis, she has three totally gorgeous, totally awesome guys to help her figure it out. The best friend, the new guy, and the guy from her past. Elle herself is amazing. Sarcastic, creative, gentle and the kind of girl you wished you could call your friend.

Stone Cold Seduction is so much more than a paranormal romance. It is a thriller and a mystery, and a little bit horror (especially with a certain Princess wielding not-nice dude on the scene). But you definitely can’t ignore the sparks that are flying – and there are a lot. The reader goes on a journey with Elle, who carries the weight of the book easily. You will hurt when she hurts, laugh when she laughs, and…yeah, other things too.

I do not say this lightly about books, and I truly mean it now. I cannot wait for the next instalment from Jess Macallan. 


Autumn Blues Reviews 9 August 2011 at 08:25  

Sounds like an interesting read. Thank you for the visit to my blog. I am now following you back and gave your facebook a Like!
Have an awesome day!

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